Frequently Asked Questions

(If your questions are not covered by those listed below please do email us at:


How do I enroll for a course?

  • 1) If you are not already registered on this Laughing Man Institute Website you will first need to register and open your personal account before proceeding with enrolling in a particular course. Registering with The Laughing Man Institute is free. You can open your new account by clicking here.
  • 2) Once you've registered with The Laughing Man Institute log in on this site and go to our Upcoming Courses page. On this page choose the course you would like to follow, that has the dates and times that suit your schedule.
  • 3) Go back to the LMI site Home Page and and click on the link ENROLL HERE. You will find this link on the left-hand side-bar of the Home Page. Once on the Course Enrollment Page click on the link for the Course and class that you've chosen. This will take you to our secure online payment website where you will be able to pay the enrollment fee for your course.
  • 4) Once you've paid for your course you will be sent an email that contains your personal Course Enrollment key. You will need this key when you first access your course. Instructions on how to use your enrollment key will be sent in your Welcoming email and can also be found here

If you need help, or if you wish to register by phone, contact Academy Support. See the Contact page for information about how to reach us.


How do I pay for a course?

Our secure online payment system will take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (we cannot yet accept direct bank transfers, but hope to do that in the future).

You will be asked to provide your credit card information as part of the online course registration process. If you have any further questions about online payments, or if you prefer to register by phone or email, please contact Academy Support.


How can I find out which courses are available at the moment?

Go to our Courses page for an overview of all the courses available through the Adidam Academy.

You can find the dates of upcoming courses with this link: Upcoming Courses

Some courses may not show a definite date for when they are due to begin. If you are interested in a course that does not show a starting date - please contact us for more details.


I would like more information about modes of instruction or the Virtual Classroom. Who should I contact?

Please go to the Contact page on this website to find out how to email or call Academy Support.


What is a Teleconference?

Teleconferences (or conference calls) make it possible for a number of participants to talk together on the telephone. Each participant calls into a conference center using a telephone number and access code provided by the instructor. The instructor, or call host, can manage the call in various ways.

It is usually possible to find inexpensive phone rates to call our USA-based conference centers from anywhere in the world or use such internet services as Skype.


What are Discussion Forums?


Discussion forumsare an easy-to-learn online tool to exchange ideas, post questions, offer answers, respond to others, and offer help on any subject.


What is a Web Conference?

Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings or presentations over the Internet. In a web conference, each participant sits at an internet-connected computer to see live visual presentations and to interact in various ways with the teacher and other students. Normally, everyone is also connected by phone conference.

A webinar (from “web seminar”) is a type of web conference used frequently for live or recorded presentations that may be interactive or not.


Are there any discounts offered on courses?

Sorry, we are not offering discounts on courses at this time except to second congregation members of Adidam who are subscribers to the Laughing Man Institute weekly education program. Our courses are already priced to be excellent value.


Is there a way to suggest a course I would like to take in the Adidam Academy?

Definitely. We want to hear your ideas. Just contact Academy Support. The range of Teachings given by Adi Da is vast, and our offerings this term are only a beginning.


The Virtual Classroom and Modes of Instruction


No matter where in the world you are located, we try to provide a mode of instruction that will allow you to fully participate in courses and be part of the Adidam Academy global online learning community.


The Virtual Classroom

In all modes of instruction, even those where students and teachers meet in the same room, we make use of our online Virtual Classrooms here on this site.

Course outlines, materials, assignments, recorded audio and video media, and links to websites are stored in the Virtual Classroom. Students can also use the Virtual Classroom to connect with each other and with the instructor, using discussion forums, blogs, email, and assignment uploading.

Access to the Virtual Classroom requires a computer with connection to the internet. We encourage students without computer or internet access to contact Academy Support for help in registering for courses or participating in classes.

See our Contact page for email and telephone information.


Modes of Instruction (types of classes)

1. Physical Classroom:

Classes are scheduled to meet in a specific room, face to face with the teacher, with full access to the Virtual Classroom. This mode will be available whenever there are a sufficient number of students in a particular area and a local Academy instructor. 
Contact Academy Support to find out about local classes.


2. Virtual Classroom with Teleconference:

Classes are scheduled to meet once a week at a certain time, using telephone conferencing plus full access to the Virtual Classroom for study materials and access to the discussion forums for the claas. Teleconference classes may be recorded and posted in audio format for later listening.