The Reality-Way of Adidam


The Dome Temple, Da Love-Ananda Mahal, Kuaii


“The Reality-Way of Adidam” will introduce you to the “radical” Process of constant Divine Communion, non-seeking, and literal En-Light-enment (or Realization of Reality Itself) that is the Gift of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.


Over the weeks of the course you will be “considering” a new understanding of Reality—not the mere conventional world of facts and events, appearances and accepted notions, but a form of Reality that is deeper, utterly profound, all-pervading, and self-evidently True.


It is a form of Reality that is “non-dual”—beyond notions of self and other, beyond all forms of merely conventional knowledge, but a Reality that can be unquestionably and directly Realized, through Avatar Adi Da’s Grace.


Thus, as you study and discuss these lessons, you will come to a deeper understanding of Reality Itself—the True Nature of existence, as It has been Revealed by Avatar Adi Da, and the Process of Realizing (or Actualizing) It.


Everything you will read and “consider” is based in the Teaching-Revelation of Avatar Adi Da, and everything about the Reality-Way of Adidam is a direct Gift from Him. As you will come to understand, Adidam is a constant process of relationship to Him—a process of recognition-response, or direct recognition of the “Bright” State that Shines through Him, and As Him, and the devotee’s spontaneous, heart-felt response. This is the foundation process at the core of every aspect of the Reality-Way of Adidam.


The text for this course is the Dawn Horse Press book entitled The Reality-Way of Adidam: The Divine Process That Outshines All Seeking in the Perfect Freedom of Reality Itself.


A Special Note to the Student

Encountering Avatar Adi Da and His Reality-Teaching is a unique experience, and it is helpful to be prepared for this.

On the one hand, you may find yourself responding with an immediate ecstasy of heart-recognition, the intuition that Reality Itself is Appearing to you in and via human Form. On the other hand, when first encountering the Pure egoless Force of Reality that Avatar Adi Da Transmits and, literally, Is, it is possible to feel disoriented or uncomfortable—Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom, and His Very Presence run counter to what is accepted in the world as the unquestioned foundation of day to day life. In any case, something authentic and profound is offered through this course, and you should feel free to simply allow the process to unfold however it may for you.

It is our hope that in your written responses and in your class sessions on this course that you will freely discuss any and all of your feelings and thoughts. Adidam is not a “belief system”—it is an esoteric practice based on direct experience and personal confirmation of Avatar Adi Da’s Teachings.

Please ask any questions you may have—whether you think they are “intelligent” or not, “advanced” or “simple”. Asking questions can serve your own understanding, and the understanding of others in the class as well (including the instructor!).

This course is intended to provide you with the space to “consider” these matters at depth, to give you a safe space apart from the daily noise to feel your heart’s deepest wants and needs.


Required book for the course:  The Reality-Way of Adidam


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 6 weekly sessions
  • Cost: US$100
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Available Class Start Dates

  • LMI102.1: Wednesday, August 10, 2022; CLOSED
    6:30 PM Pacific US; 9:30 PM Eastern US;

    Instructors: Paul Augspurger and Aura Bakker