Where Is Happiness?


Adi Da At Melrose


Course Description:

(from the course introduction)

     Avatar Adi Da has spoken of the purpose of his Life and Work as the restoration of Happiness for all beings, everywhere, and for all time. “Restoration” generally means the returning of something to its former condition, but Avatar Adi Da speaks of a Happiness that can and must be Realized to be everyone’s present Condition—the Condition that is “always already the case”, and therefore not attainable by seeking for it. It is like hunting around the house for your eyeglasses and having someone tell you that you are already wearing them. Suddenly you are aware of the fact that you can see perfectly well!

     Seeking for Happiness is an activity that can never result in your becoming Happy—until the search itself comes to an end and you realize you can only Be Happy and that you have already “Located” Happiness.

     Discoursing to a gathering of His devotees on November 28, 1981, Avatar Adi Da spoke these words:

     People are basically un-Happy, I have noticed. Spiritual practice or "religious" belief or "religious" commitment is traditionally proposed as a means for attaining Happiness—but the instructions associated with any "religious" or Spiritual Teaching are received by the ego, the knotted being that wants to own the Teaching, to use it, and to be made Happy by it. You think that you can seek Happiness and find It. Thus, your search for Happiness is, itself, a confession of un-Happiness.

     I Am here to Tell you that you cannot Realize Happiness by persisting in un-Happiness, or the "method" of un-Happiness. All seeking is the expression, the "method", and the practice of un-Happiness.

     It is not enough that what I am Saying is True. What I am Saying must also be understood by you, most profoundly. You must observe yourself, observe all of the means represented by your life, and see that you are always un-Happy, and always trying to become Happy.

     That being the case, you may ask yourself, "Where is Happiness?" You might well ask!

     What is the Happiness Realized by Avatar Adi? How is it different from happiness as it is conventionally experienced, enjoyed, and yearned for? What are the mechanisms, structures, and activities (or the “method”) of un-Happiness that obstruct the Realization of Happiness Itself? How is it possible to understand and transcend these obstructions and thereby “Locate” Happiness as our real present Condition? These are some of the questions addressed in the course readings. We invite you to immerse yourself in the brilliance, humor and heart-penetrating wisdom of Avatar Adi Da’s Revelation-Word.


Required Reading Material: Reading will be included in the coursework.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 4 weekly sessions
  • Cost: US$60


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  • LMI-120.2.a: Saturday, November 4, 2017;
    Eastern Canada
    7:00PM Eastern US;

    Instructors: Donald Brown