The Knee of Listening Course

The Knee of Listening Course


Course Information:

This class is a study of the greatest Spiritual Autobiography of all time. Classes are intimate and conversational, based on recitation, discussion, and Leela, and take place weekly, over the telephone, for seventeen weeks. It is open to approaching public friends and formal devotees.


Former student comment:

I have just completed my first course with Anne Henderson and I got such a lot from it. It was my first introduction to the work of Adi Da Samraj and I started it with a mixture of curiosity and excitement. I had some concerns that I mightn't be able to understand it because a brief flip through the book prior to the course and reading some paragraphs left me feeling that it was heavy and dense and might not give me anything. I needn't have worried. From the first class, Anne checked in at regular intervals about my understanding and always invited comments such that I never felt that anything I ever asked was too simple. Anne created such a warm and loving space through which the powerful words of Adi Da resonated.

Anne spent many years with Adi Da and this came through in that every week there was something new that she told us. She didn't only rely on the text but made it richer by recounting her own experiences of Adi Da, both present and past, with love, humour, and absolute honesty. It is her authenticity and integrity which for me made her an amazing teacher. She never pretended to know everything, and where she wasn't sure about what Adi Da meant by something He wrote, was straight and honest about it. But then would go on and give us an explanation, being very clear that this was simply her feeling, which often for me resulted in an experience of 'oh yes, I can see that now'.  For me, this meant that I trusted her implicitly and so listened intently to everything she said.

What was also amazing and magical was that I would begin the class each week with a question in my heart--and then at some point in the evening my question would be answered and I felt my consciousness expand with the understanding. At the beginning of each class, because I had had a long day, I would be tired, but by the time class ended I was energised and excited about the message that Adi Da is offering to the world. I found shifts happening in every area of my life as a result of doing this course and I unreservedly recommend it to everyone.

Having a class taught by a long-time devotee who had direct contact with this amazing Realizer and Teacher is an opportunity to let Adi Da's wisdom go deeply in to transform you and your life.

Margaret Dempsey
Brighton, UK


Required reading material: The Knee of Listening, 2004 edition, by Adi Da Samraj


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 17 weekly sessions
  • Cost: US$300; or 5 Monthly Installments of $60
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The Knee of Listening The Knee of Listening
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    Instructors: Anne Henderson

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