"Something New Must Emerge"
(Not-Two Is Peace) Course



Course Description

The Something New Must Emerge course examines key Essays from Not-Two Is Peace, The Ordinary People’s Way of Global Cooperative Order, by Adi Da Samraj.

We will be both studying and “considering” how to apply Adi Da’s Profound and Illuminating Instruction in Not-Two Is Peace.


We will examine Adi Da’s vital Wisdom on the root of human conflict: the limits and errors of conventional religion and politics.

Concurrently we will consider His recommendation that human civilization be re-established based on principles of mutual trust, cooperation, tolerance, “prior unity”, and the limitless participation of all humankind in transforming its own destiny.

Our consideration will also include Adi Da’s “radical” argument for transcending egoity, along with His urgent call to found the Global Cooperative Forum—a new type of human order, one that will allow humankind to become conscious of itself as one coherent force—the only force capable of requiring and implementing the systemic changes the world needs.

Through study and “consideration” of Adi Da’s Essays and with the aid of media selections and website links from various sources, we will further examine forms of participation available that can facilitate effective global change.

Expected Outcomes

With the completion of this course, you will be familiar with key essays and terms from Not-Two Is Peace, and you will understand Adi Da’s basic arguments presented therein. You will understand the “working principle of prior unity” and therefore appreciate both the necessity for the establishment of the Global Cooperative Forum and the collective force that is its potential.

And most importantly, you will understand how you can participate effectively in this new and exciting paradigm.

Required Materials

Not-Two Is Peace (The Ordinary People’s Way of Global Cooperative Order), by Adi Da (Middletown, California: Is Peace 723, 2009).

Excerpts from the final Text is also now available on-line for free here

Course Details

  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Duration: Six consecutive 90 min. weekly classes.
  • Cost: US$ 125
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